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The first and only Clover Placement Program keeps getting better and better.

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Clover Station | Clover Mobile | Clover Mini

Now offering

Clover Station
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Access hundreds of POS Systems via Datacap!

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Support 300+ POS software & hardware setups
Conveniently acquire Datacap NETePay, GIFTePay & Tran products
Build referral partnerships and dealer relationships.


Identify sales and payment trends with comprehensive data analytics. Simplified visuals and infographics uncover opportunities for increased operational efficiency and marketing strategies.


Enjoy FREE integrated gift and loyalty card processing with online reporting, design assistance and in-house 24/7 technical support.

PCI Compliance Program

We are committed to protecting merchants against hefty fines associated with non-compliance, extending an annual SAQ, breach insurance and IP scanning options for each of our valued merchant partners.

Simplified MICROS Conversions

MICROS conversions have never been easier!

Reprogram MICROS® 3700 in-house

Convert existing gift card merchants

Avoid Merchant Link fees